Dachser GmbH & Co.

I'm in Kempten, Germany a town of 50,000 residents located about 60 miles southwest of Munich. Finding the headquarters of Dachser, a logistics concern with over 6,700 employees and revenues in 1997 of over 1.8 billion German Marks, means heading to the outskirts of town. By the outskirts of town I really mean the outskirts, with the company's six story building only a few feet outside the sign announcing you 're entering Kempten's city limits.

The cigarette smoking receptionist doesn't speak English and a passing employee is commandeered by her to help me. Several calls are made and it seems no one can find my letter sent to Jorg Tonn, President. Part of the problem is the company has dual offices; the registered office is here in Kempten and another in Munich. "Where do most of the executives spend their time here or in Munich?, I ask. Kempten is the answer but, public relations are based in Munich. I tell the woman I don't want to go to Munich and end up asking questions about the headquarters here in Kempten. The woman makes a call to Munich to see if my letter is there. Nope. The woman says the best she can do is give me the Munich address. Boy, if people at this international logistics company can't track down a simple letter do you think I'd ever hire them to ship something?