Banque Internationale A Luxembourg

I'm several miles from Luxembourg's city center and its financial district but it's quickly obvious why Banque Internationale A Luxembourg is here: land. Built in 1988 I don't think the bank could have obtained the permits to build this huge 8-story glass complex in the city center. Over 1,400 employees work here

Large sculptures dot the grounds and it's part of an exhibition of works by Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming. Entering the building one encounters four receptionists wearing matching white uniforms and name tags. I had sent my letter of introduction a month ago to Jean Krier, Chairman-Executive Board. I'm quickly informed he left the company three years ago. Not to matter though as Francois Moes, Executive Vice President and member of the management board agrees to meet with me.

Two years ago BIL became a member of the pan-European Dexia group created through the alliance between Credit Communal de Belgique, BIL's majority shareholder, and Credit local de France. Dexia is one of the 25 largest financial groups in the European Union.

There's parking for 600 cars and the slots are assigned according to seniority or if you're willing to cough up money for a spot. Quite a bit of art line the hallways and it's primarily modern and done by local artists.

Smoking is allowed in offices and the cafeteria food is "very good" according to Moes. The fitness center contains treadmills, six stationary bikes and rowing machines. I do get to see the boardroom and the oval-shaped table seating 40 but can't see CEO Andre Roelants' office because "he's in a meeting". The bank has an Internet site and employee perks includes free checking and special rates on loans.