Derby International Corporation S.A.

Visiting Derby International Corporation proves to be a hoot. I thought it might be fun visiting this bicycle manufacturer but the address ends up being the offices of Compagnie Fiduciare, a fiduciary company. I ask the receptionist if I could talk to someone about Derby. While waiting I peruse a brochure put out by the company. According to the brochure, Compagnie Fiduciare is associated with Ernest & Young. The brochure goes on to point out the benefits of holding companies registering in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. I'll give you three guesses to figure out which word repeatedly gets mentioned. Yep, taxes.

After a few minutes wait I'm met by a man and woman (who definitely look like accountants) and taken to a conference room. After explaining who I am and what I do, a visible collective sigh of relieve comes over them. It turns out the receptionist had misinformed them and said I was an investigator. A nice laugh was had by all. Derby's head offices are in England.