Millicom International Cellular S.A.

Bicycling five miles from the center of Luxembourg City brings me to the town of Bertrange, whose claim to fame is having a large indoor shopping mall. Lining the road across the street from this mall are large homes and several have been turned into business offices. It's in one of these converted homes where I find the headquarters for Millicom International Cellular.

One would think a communications company with operations in 19 countries would know how to communicate. Nope, not here. After being buzzed in the front door I learn from the receptionist that Marc Beuls is no longer the CEO. I try to find out what happened to my advance letter sent to Beuls and end up in the reception area on the phone with a woman who refuses to tell me her name. This woman tries to refer me to investor relations in London. I tell this woman, "this is where the executives hang their hats, why would I want to talk to someone in London about the head offices here?" My plea to get someone to spend a few minutes with me falls on deaf ears.

In the lobby there's a map on the wall of the 3C Communications network in Europe, a subsidiary company. I've been seeing quite a bit of 3C in hotels. They've installed portable fax/Internet terminal machines with keyboards in hotel lobby areas--you insert your credit card and can then access to the Internet.

Oh, and that woman who brushed me off and wouldn't disclose her name-I learn from the receptionist it's Elizabeth Ronquist from the corporate finance department.