Eureko B.V.

Eureko sounds more like the name of a pest control company than the name of a pan-European alliance. Established in 1992, Eureko is an alliance of seven financial services groups from seven different countries each holding a dominant position in its domestic market. Together, these companies combine to make Eureko the fifth largest insurance group in Europe. Members of the group include Achmea (The Netherlands), BCP/Atlantico Group (Portugal), Friends Provident (UK), Lansforsakringar Wasa (Sweden), Parion (Germany), Swiss Mobiliar (Switzerland) and Topdanmark (Denmark). Total Alliance assets: 143 billion Euros and over 43,000 employees.

I'm somewhat surprised in the location of the head office. It's near the ring road encircling Amsterdam in a small office park located in a dead end cul de sac. Though it's a brand new complex comprised of several separate buildings, it's not a prestigious location.

The receptionist checks to find out who ended up with my advance letter sent to Jeff Medlock, Chairman-Executive Board, but they can't find any record of receiving it. Lucky for me Lorrie Morgan, Communications Manager, is having lunch in the small dining room next to the lobby area. The receptionist goes into the lunchroom and explains what I'm doing and returns to say Morgan will meet with me shortly.
Morgan, who is English, has been with the company only three weeks. My first question to her is, "How come I've never heard of Eureko?" Morgan answers by saying raising Eureko's profile is on the top of her agenda and one of the reasons she was brought aboard.

Built in 1998, about 60 people work in the seven-story building. Why are they here? According to Morgan it's a central location with downtown Amsterdam and the airport both a 15-minute car drive away. The on-ramp to the nearest freeway lies a very convenient 30 seconds away.

Meeting rooms are named after cities in which Eureko does business. Smoking isn't allowed in the building. Though the place lacks recreational facilities, there is a shower. The company's art collection is modern and international in scope. Any perks? Yep, employees receive discounts on mortgages.

Nothing interesting about CEO Medlocks's third floor corner office though with train tracks outside his window Medlock can watch trains zipping past. I can't see the boardroom due to "a meeting is going on".