Leif Hoegh & Co. AS

Several visits to the offices of Leif Hoegh & Co. prove fruitless. Founded in 1927 by Leif Hoegh, this ship transportation and logistics company with over $500 million in revenues and 1,800 employees, calls home a late 1950's-early 1960's 10-story building on the edge of the city.

The building's reception area has a definite nautical theme to it with four scale model ships displayed in glass enclosed cases and a ship's bell with the year 1959 stamped on it-the later might commemorate when this building was built. The building inside and out is in dire need of updating.

The two receptionists manning the reception desk are friendly yet won't do what I ask them to do. I explain how I mailed an introductory letter a month earlier to T.J. Guttormsen, president, and ask if they could call up his secretary to find out who ended up with the letter. Without bothering to place a call they say it was "more than likely" referred to a Mr. So and So (I don't catch his name) and that "he won't be in until the end of the week". It's now the beginning of the week and I'll be long gone by then. I return the next day and they still refuse to call anyone up, repeating the same lines. I explain how what I do is somewhat unusual and that the person I meet with at a company is sometimes not who you'd expect-that's why it's important to call up Guttormsen's secretary. It's a no go as they stick to their guns.