NCL Holding ASA

I remember visiting the Miami offices of Carnival Corporation, the world's largest cruise-line company, and finding a building shaped like a ship. Here in Oslo, I can't even find the head office of NCL Holding let alone tell you what it looks like. NCL Holding is the parent company of Norwegian Cruise Lines, the world's fourth largest cruise line with $776 million in revenues and over 6,000 employees.

The address I have brings me to a large office building near the waterfront but there's no company name on the building directory. I locate the building manager's office and obtain NCL's forwarding address. The second address leads me out of town and huffing and puffing up a steep hillside to an ugly apartment building located near railroad tracks. Probably built in the late 1950's or 1960's, it's one of those apartment buildings containing retail tenants (such as the hair salon) and office space on the first and second floors. For some reason I can't imagine a company like NCL Holding having their offices in this deciding unglamorous Class C building. Checking the small building directory I find no sign of NCL being here. There are maybe a half dozen one-room offices on the second floor and I check each door to see if maybe there's an office here but it's just not listed on the building directory. Frustrated, I knock on the door of a ship brokerage business. The owner of the business answers the door and says NCL moved out not more than a few weeks ago. The helpful man calls up the phone company for NCL's number and then proceeds to call up NCL and obtain their new address. The man writes down the address and I ask how far it is from here. He answers, "way on the other side of town". Well, with my tight schedule it looks like I won't be cruising by their offices this time around.