When am I ever going to learn to ask the right questions? It's not until the end of my meeting with Ruth Christensen, secretary to CEO Jorgen Ekberg, that I learn ASG, a Swedish trucking concern with $1.4 billion in revenues and over 5,600 employees has been bought by Danza, the Swiss-based logistics company. What's funny is that Danza in turn has been swallowed-up by Deutsche Post.

The gracious Christensen answers questions and gives me a tour of the place. ASG occupies one and a half floors in a seven-story building near Stockholm's city center shopping district. The building, built in the 1980's, has been home to ASG for two years. There's the obligatory bowl of fresh fruit at the reception desk and the 35 employees are on their own come lunchtime since there's no cafeteria.
Having visited quite a few trucking companies, there seems to be an unwritten code amongst CEOs to have scale model toy trucks in their offices. It's no different here as I count four. His second floor corner office contains a desktop computer, three plants and three family pictures.