Bergman & Beving AB

Getting into the seven story building housing the offices of Bergman & Beving requires standing on the public sidewalk and talking into one of those stupid speaker boxes and it's frustrating. I can't hear what the woman is saying due to the noise from passing traffic and static from the speaker box. Thankfully she buzzes the door open. Bergman & Beving is a trading company specializing in the distribution of electronic components, tools, dental and medical products. Revenues totaled $475 million last year with over 2,500 employees.

I'm about four miles from the city center and the surrounding area is primarily comprised of residential apartments built in the 1920's. The directory lists other tenants with Bergman & Beving occupying the fifth floor and a neighborhood bank branch occupying the ground floor of this building which was most likely built in the 1920's or 1930's.

It's a very small reception area and I introduce myself to Yvonne Stefansson, who I'm not sure if she's the receptionist or office manager. After explaining how I sent an introductory letter a month ago to CEO Anders Borjesson, Stefansson says she has no idea where it could be and I'd have to return next week "when the managing director is back because the letter was sent so long ago". I'll be long gone by next week. I make note of the bowl of fresh fruit on the counter (bananas, pears and grapes).

Attached to this story is a picture showing the building directory. Though you see Bergman & Beving's name listed, you don't see the office hours posted. Instead they list the vastly more important hours for lunch. Now I ask you, how many other companies do you know with sales of a half billion dollars and over 2,500 employees, which close the office down to have lunch?