Swedish companies have two distinguishable traits that separate them from their Nordic brethren or for that matter any other countries in the world I've visited. The first is their fixation with coded entries. Try walking into an office building in Sweden and it's a no go unless you punch in an access code. If the code isn't known then you're stuck outside punching in the code to reach a receptionist at the company you want to visit. Once inside the building you still have to contend with the code box at the elevator. You don't know the code? then you aren't going anywhere unless you punch in the company's receptionist's number again. Evidently the Swedes think they've figured out how to do away with building reception/information desks. Another distinctive Swedish trait? Providing fresh fruit or candy for visitors. I think somewhere there's an unwritten primer for Swedish companies and it says they must provide a bowl of fresh fruit or candy on the reception counter for visitors. We aren't talking about a few over-ripe apples and grapes here but, more hands-on fruit such as bananas and oranges. I mean, if you were visiting a company for the first time would you unpeel an orange or banana, eat it and then wait with sticky fingers for the traditional shaking of hands?