Still using the Rhine river as my guide I make my way to Neuhausen am Rheinfall, a not very big town but famous throughout Switzerland. Why? It's here where the Rhine River goes crazy and creates a waterfall. Though not as towering as Niagara Falls, the Falls of the Rhine is the largest waterfall in Europe. It's an impressive sight to see and see they do as tourists swarm the place by the busloads. Less than a mile upstream from the falls is the headquarters/factory complex of SIG Holdings. I was here three years ago and got the turned away saying they weren't interested in meeting with me.

Getting onto the site involves being cleared by the guard at the gate and that part turns out okay. The small lobby area is blandly furnished and no sign of any of the company's four major products lines. SIG manufactures packaging machines and systems plus, supplies positioning and automation solutions. Okay, I guess it wouldn't be feasible to have one of those big complex machines on display in the lobby. SIG also is a manufacturer of beverage cartons for fresh and long-life liquid foodstuffs plus, manufactures the filling machines that go with the cartons. But, the one product line I thought they would surely have on display is their arms group. SIG Arms manufactures hunting and target shooting rifles, pistols, as well as assault and precision rifles.

Oh-oh, greeting me in the lobby is none other than Margarit Glaess, assistant to CEO Roman Boutellier, and the one who gave me the heave-ho during my last visit. Is this going to be a deja-vu experience? Glaess remembers my last visit and says she's sorry to say that all the executives today are busy. I tell her my questions are very easy to answer and that many a time the CEO's secretary has answered the questions. She agrees.

Actually there's not much of interest to pick up from here. About 35 employees work in this building but behind us is one of their packaging plants which winds it's way to the riverfront. Train tracks run alongside the building. The small cafeteria serves a buffet menu and Glaess says the food is good. Parking is not a problem here and the company has no formal art collection. Guessing what the letters "SIG" stand for I'm correct in saying, "Swiss Industrial Group". I can't see CEO Boutellier's second floor middle office because "he's busy" and Glaess says Boutellier has a view of a parking lot. It turns out Glaess is a super nice lady but I do leave however without get an answer to one of my questions: is Boutellier packing any heat in his office?