Archive 5

Below you'll find stories from 2005.



Good, Bad & Ugly Lists On Belgium/Luxembourg
2005 Grades Are In And The Report Cards Are Out
Belgium Stories From 1995 Trek
Letters of Introduction to the CEO

Newspaper articles from Belgium & Europe


KBC Group (banking/insurance)
s.a. Godiva n.v. (chocolate)
S.A. Confiserie Leonidas (chocolate)
n.v. Umicore s.a. (precious metals)
Bank Degroof s.a. (banking)
C&A (clothing stores)
Tessenderlo Group (diversified chemicals)
Hamon & Cie (International) SA (heat exchangers)
N.V. Kraft Foods Belgium S.A. (chocolate)
Group Colruyt (discount grocer)
Neuhaus-Mondose sa/nv (chocolate)
SWIFT (financial software cooperative)
Systemat sa (computer services)
City of Leuven, Belgium (top 10 favorite city)
Telindus Group nv (telecommunication services)
InBev nv/sa (brewer)
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
Econocom Group SA (IT services)
Recticel SA (foam)
BDO Global Coordination B.V. (accounting)
S.A. Spadel N.V (mineral water)
Mobistar S.A. (mobile phone operator)
Dexia Group (banking/insurance)
Valentino Chocolatier (chocolate)
UCB (pharmaceuticals/chemicals)
Glaverbel SA (glass manufacturer)
Belgacom SA (telecommunications)
Fortis SA/NV (banking/insurance)
s.a. D'Ieteren n.v. (importer/distributor of cars)
Groupe Bruxelles Lambert S.A. (holding company)
Belcolade nv (chocolate)
Spector Photo Group SA (photo related products)
VPK Packaging Group NV (packaging)
Chocolaterie Duc d'O (chocolate)
Solvus Resource Group (temporary help)
Quick Restaurants S.A. (fast-food chain)
Chocoladewerken Gudrun n.v. (chocolate)
CMB n.v. (shipping)
Agfa-Gevaert N.V. (imaging systems)
Trefin Confiserie s.a. (candy & chocolate)
Guylian Chocolaterie (chocolate)
Lotus Bakeries NV (cookies & cakes)
Roularta Media Group NV (print media, television)
Deceuninck NV (PVC systems)
Van Lys Chocolaterie (chocolate)
Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper nv (cookies)
Picanol Group (textile machinery)
Vandemoortele N.V. (food manufacturer)
Bekaert NV (metal transformation)
Barco n.v. (automation products)
Poppies International (cookies, frozen desserts)
Desobry s.a. (cookies)
Pralibel (chocolate)

Herstal Group (guns, sporting goods)
Galler Chocolatiers s.a. (chocolate)
Bosal International NV (car exhaust systems, tubing)


SES Global S.A. (satellite operator)
RTL Group S.A. (television and radio stations)

European Investment Bank (1999 visit)
Banque Internationale A Luxembourg (1999 visit)
Audiofina (1999 visit)
Luxembourg City (1999 visit)
Millicom International Cellular S.A. (1999 visit)

Quilmes International S.A. (1999 visit)
Espirito Santo Financial Group S.A. (1999 visit)
Derby International Corporation (1999 visit)
SBS Broadcasting SA (1999 visit)
Stories from 1996 trek through Luxembourg (1996)