Founded in 1921, BBAG, with revenues of 997 million Euros and 9,000 employees, is one of the biggest players in Central Europe's beer market. BBAG is #1 in market share in Austria, #3 in Hungary, #4 in Poland, #1 in Romania and #5 in Czech Republic.

Corporate offices are in a two-story building several miles from downtown Linz. Built in the early 1980's, the building borders an industrial area. I've visited quite a few beer companies around the world and the majority of the time the head office is adjacent to a brewery. Not here, though I later find out there was at one time a brewery on this site.

It's an enjoyable visit thanks to the obliging Michael Dickstein, whose title on his business card reads "Spokesman". About 300 employees work here. Conference rooms are named after beer brands, there's plenty of employee parking, onsite recreational facilities include a tennis court and sauna, smoking in offices is optional and it's a 20 minute taxi ride to the airport (Linz). Though there's no corporate art collection there is a collection of antique beer steins. Any employee perks? 20% off the price of beer.

Managing Director Karl Buche occupies a middle office with a view of the parking lot. I note the desktop computer, real palm tree and one beer glass. I'm somewhat disappointed in not finding a small fridge stocked with beer in his office.