Julius Meinl International AG

Anything near Stephanplatz, the plaza anchored by Vienna's magnificent cathedral, is prime space and Julius Meinl's head office lies just around the corner. The six-story building is easily over a 100-years old. You just can't walk into the building though; one has to be buzzed in. According to a small plaque other tenants reside here including Julius Meinl Bank.

You'll notice the picture accompanying this story is of the building's elevator. Why? Well take a look at this cool elevator. This old-timer comes complete with a place to sit down. There's even a stained-glass window in the building's lobby.

Margot Pohl doesn't have a formal title but if she did it would be "Office Assistant to the Board". She's the only here in the fourth floor offices and agrees to answer my questions though she's been with the company only a short time (one month).

It's guessimated about 120 people work on the one floor. You're on your own as far as parking (it's in very short supply in Vienna's city center), there's no company cafeteria and it's a 30-minute drive to Vienna Airport. Nothing special about Chief Financial Officer Stephan Visy's office. Visy's view isn't much because the streets are very narrow around here and looking out the window he sees the building right across the street.