Verwaltungs-und Privat Bank

My visit to Verwaltungs-und Privat-Bank (VP Bank), $18 billion in assets under management, is over in about seven minutes. Thomas Frommett, who used to be in charge of corporate communications but now heads business development, says he left a meeting to meet with me. His body language and short answers let's me know he's anxious to get back to it.
Built in the early 1980's, about 120 employees work in the five-story building situated in the center of downtown Vaduz. The bank isn't that old, having been founded in 1956. The company's art collection is described as a mixture of contemporary and modern. I can't see CEO Real's office because "he's in a meeting" and I can't see the boardroom due to its "being used". Somehow I get the feeling Frommett is just saying those things without checking because it would take more of his time.