Von Roll AG

Von Roll, with revenues of $1.1 billion and 5,600 employees, manufactures insulating materials and industry castings for the electrical machinery and transportation industries. Boy, do I have intimate knowledge of several of their products. While cycling the Swiss roads I've had to constantly swerve to avoid riding over manhole covers and metal drainage barriers. Guess who manufactures these? The potential problem stems from the fact they aren't always level with the roadway. It's not Von Roll's fault but the road builders.
Von Roll occupies space in a five-store building several miles from downtown Zurich. It's not hard to find thanks to a four-story sign with the company's name in bright blue letters next to the building.

Ah, the top floor reception area displays another Von Roll product familiar to me while traversing Switzerland; fire hydrants- with the Von Roll name stamped on them. The receptionist tries to track down who ended up with my introductory letter sent a month earlier to CEO Martin Messner. She contacts Lena Tobler from Corporate Communications and then says I should wait until Ms. Tobler gets back to her. After 30 minutes of waiting I decide to leave.

The building has other tenants, which signals Von Roll probably rents space. Time constraints keeps me from returning for a second visit.