Angular Momentum

If I compiled a list of companies visited having the smallest number of employees; Angular Momentum watches would, at the least, tie for top honor. Why? It's a one-man operation. Martin Pauli founded the company in 1999 and is sole owner and operator.

I'm in Bern (Switzerland's capital) on one of the main shopping streets in the city's touristy old town area. Covered walkways running for blocks make these streets popular for shopping in any kind of weather. Angular occupies a street level storefront directly across from Bern's impressive cathedral.

How did Angular Momentum line of watches come about? Pauli is also sole owner and operator of B&D Branding & Design Ltd. A client hired Pauli to design a line of watches. Pauli did the job but squabbles with the client resulted in a falling out. Pauli decided to take his design and follow through with it. One of the interesting aspects of the watch industry is that you can outsource just about everything.

So, where can one buy these watches? The closest place would be Uhrsachen, a jewelry/watch store. How close is this store? Well, if you enter Pauli's place, walk through the rear, you'll come out into Uhrsachen's store? Huh? Pauli is part owner of Uhrsachen. His office faces one street, while the watch store faces another street.

Websites: and (the later only in German).