Milleret Watches

The four-story apartment building looks just like all the other dozens of apartment building in the neighborhood several blocks from Bienne's downtown. All look to have been built in the early 1900's. However, this brown corner one in the accompanying picture houses the head office for Milleret Watches. The company's name on a small metal plaque on the building's exterior lets me know this is the place.

After buzzing the buzzer I'm let in and in a matter of minutes I'm talking to Founder and CEO Daniel Baettig. It's not a very old company (three years) and not a very big company (two employees), but this former Swatch Group employee enjoys being his own boss. It's a very hot day and I'm in my usual attire of shorts and polo-type shirt. Hey, so is Baettig, which means I don't have to ask if there's a company dress code.

Milleret markets its high-end watches to a specific region: the Middle East. Smoking is allowed (Baettig doesn't smoke), it's five minutes to the nearest freeway, 40 minutes to Bern's airport and three minutes to Bienne's city center. This was formerly an apartment, which means employees have use of a full-size kitchen.

CEO Baettig sits behind a big brown V-shaped desk. I note the two plants (real) and laptop. Baettig's sports a Milleret Chronographe watch.