Milus International SA

Founded in 2002, Milus International is springing up from the ashes of its predecessor Montres Milus Paul Junod, a company with 80 years of history.

Milus International occupies the three-story former head office building of Montres Milus Paul Junod. Built in the 1960's, the interior has been renovated and now sports hardwood floors along with walls and furnishings in black and white giving the place a stylish modernistic look.

CEO Jan Edoecs and Marketing Director Barbara Sieber show me around and answer questions. Milus is Greek for "windmill". Re-launching a company has to be a formidable task but the foundation of its predecessor along with backing from Peace-Mark Group, a Hong Kong firm, makes it an intriguing challenge.
Nine people work here. No smoking is allowed--though you can in the breakroom, there's no formal dress code and plenty of parking for employees. Located in a mixed-use area, it's a 10-minute walk to Bienne's city center and a 10-minute drive to the nearest freeway.

CEO Edoecs wants to be accessible and close to the action which explains his office next to the reception counter. Sparsely furnished (the modernistic look) with a hardwood floor, I note the laptop and his unexciting view of traffic passing by the building. He's wearing not one, but two Milus watches.