Patek Philippe Museum

Wow! That's the best word to describe the Patek Philippe Museum. Built in the 1920's to house a gem-cutting business, over the years it's been home to a variety of goldsmiths and watchmakers. For 20 years it housed a Patek Philippe-owned company manufacturing watchcases and bracelets. It's been totally renovated with another floor added on top and in 2001 the museum was inaugurated. Located about a mile from Geneva's lakefront, it's a real beauty and a must-see for even non-watch aficionados.

Besides the vast collection of extraordinary timepieces there's also a library containing over 4,000 books on the subject, which I think gives it title of world's biggest collection of books on timekeeping.

Did you know that until the 1930's wristwatches were considered exclusively a feminine ornament? Men had pocket watches.