Pierre Junod Watches & Waldan International

I'm about a mile from downtown Bienne and I'm looking for the offices of Waldan International, a watch company owned by Oscar Waldan, an American. The address I have brings me to the three-story combination house/factory building seen in the accompanying photo. It's a mixed area with small businesses and residential housing.

Not seeing the Waldan International name anywhere on the building's exterior I enter the house part of the complex. I find a couple guys sitting inside a plainly furnished office so I ask if this is Waldan International. It turns out to be nothing more than a mail drop for the company.

Looking around the office I see lots of pictures of watches. I ask, "Is this a watch company?" Pierre Junod, owner and founder of Pierre Junod Watches, answers "yes".

In 1993 Junod had a unique idea. Why not ask established architects and designers to create a watch? Since then he's corralled quite an impressive list of associates to do that including Mario Botta, Michael Graves and Richard Meier. Retail prices for these watches range from between 250-500 Euros.
Junod, who looks to be in his 30's, operates the business with his wife and a part-time watchmaker.

Website: www.pierrejunod.com