Certina Kurth Freres SA

The Swatch Group encompasses a slew of watch brands falling into a variety of price categories. Certina's watches fall into the middle range. The blah-looking, five- story structure housing Certina's head office stands a few blocks from Bienne's city center. A good guess would date the building from the 1950's. A large sign near the street lists Certina's name as well as Endura, Mido and Les Boutiques, which are other middle range Swatch brands.

The reception area is plain and very small. I explain to the receptionist how I mailed a letter of introduction a month ago to Managing Director Adrian Bosshard. Without even calling around to check with anyone the receptionist informs me that everybody is busy today. Asking her about the building I learn it used to be home to just Mido but the other brands were recently consolidated here. Certina occupies one floor. Hmm, I don't think I'm missing much here.