Horoswiss SA

My visit to Horoswiss, a seller of low-end watches, is a non-event. I'm near the edge of town in La Chaux-de-Fonds and standing outside a four-story building probably built in the 1960's. Residential apartment complexes abound in the immediate area. According to the building directory they're about a half-dozen tenants.

One can't enter the building without being buzzed in so I buzz the buzzer to contact someone at Horoswiss. A woman's voice comes on and I explain who I am, what I do and how I sent a letter of introduction a month earlier to CEO Michael Vrolixs. There's a pause of about a minute and the woman's voice come back to say they aren't interested in meeting with me. "Did Mr. Vrolixs receive my letter?" I ask.. "Yes" is her reply. "I come all the way from California to visit and you won't let me in the building, let alone your offices?" I ask somewhat disbelieving. The woman replies, "it's a small office with only three people".