Introduction To 2004 Trek

In 2003 I changed my usual pattern of visiting a variety of companies spread over a wide spectrum of industries in multiple countries and instead focused on a specific industry (watches) in a specific country (Switzerland). My original plans for 2004 were to traverse the United Kingdom and Belgium. What happened? Blame it on Baselworld, the world's largest trade show for watches. It takes place every April in Basel, Switzerland. Seeing as how I visited over 100 Swiss watch companies in 2003 I thought it necessary to check out this annual affair. That's what I did April, 2004 and that's when I was surprised to discover there are more than several hundred Swiss watch companies. So, 50 more Swiss watch and watch-related companies will get a visit this year.

Though small in size and population, Switzerland is an amazing powerhouse in the international business world. I will also be visiting an interesting array of over 20 companies which, for one reason or another, managed to escape a visit during earlier treks through Switzerland. I also want to thank readers for forwarding names of potential companies to visit.

In 2003 I visited a handful of Swiss chocolate manufacturers. It was such fun that I've added addtional chocolate, cookie and candy concerns to my list of companies being visited in 2004. This summer will also find me checking out many of Switzerland's ski resorts to see what these winter playgrounds are like in the summer.