Daniel Roth et Gerald Genta SA

It's 1:30 PM and I'm about a mile from Geneva's airport standing outside a five-story building probably built ten years ago. I'm here to visit two watch companies; Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta. A pharmaceutical company seems to occupy most of the building as I follow the sign directing visitors to the 4th floor reception. Hmm, the glass door is locked. Peering in the window I can see another glass door, the reception counter, hardwood floor and staircase. Swiss companies like their lunch hours so I figure maybe they've closed for lunch. Then again, it's July and maybe they're closed for vacation–many Swiss watch companies do that. Nah, that would be tacky and no-class to do that and not let me know they're closed–after all I sent my letter of introduction more than five weeks ago to Gerald Roden-Director. I mean these are two high-end watch companies and they're owned by Bulgari, the luxury jewelry group. I walk down to the ground floor and see a delivery door for Daniel Roth & Gerald Genta saying lunchtime is 12-2 PM. Ah, they must be closed for lunch. I decide to leave and return later in the afternoon.

It's 4 PM when I return and guess what—there's still nobody here. Jeez, they must have closed down for vacation. I explained in my letter that I'd be showing up sometime this week. Why didn't someone from Roden's office contact me? How difficult is it to send an e-mail?

Actually maybe I shouldn't be surprised. A month ago I tried visiting Bulgari Time (Switzerland) in Neuchatel and had equally miserable experience.