Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper nv

I just left the head office/factory of Van Lys Chocolaterie in Ieper (population 35,000) unhappy because the place was closed for vacation and no notice was given to me. Now I'm about a mile away in a similar industrial park area and find Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper also closed with no note on the door and with no advance notice given to me.

What's particularly frustrating with Destrooper's snub is that I've been a long-time buyer of their yummy cookies. Their cookies are sold in over 75 countries including supermarkets in my hometown of San Diego, California. Founded back in1886, this privately-held concern employs 200 people, with revenues of 27 million euros–of which 75% are derived from exports.

The three-story building isn't so much wide as it is deep. No signs are found anywhere on the building to identify the place. The building's rear backs up to a busy road and the only way I was sure this was the right place was due to a company tractor-trailer being parked there. (Click for photo).

It's about nine in the morning and I'm about to ride off when I spot a man arriving. He works in the logistics department and yep, he confirms they've been closed for three weeks and will reopen next week. I explain mailing a letter of introduction more than five weeks ago to CEO Peter Destrooper and the man says CEO Destrooper has an office here but works mostly out of offices in Lo, a town about 10 miles up the road. The man says not to bother riding to Lo as the offices are closed.

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