Chocolaterie Duc d'O

I'm not happy at all with Chocolaterie Duc d'O. It's July 17th and I've cycled10 miles west of Antwerp to the small town of Kruibeke only to find a note on the company's front door (click for picture of note) stating they're closed from July 1 to July 21. I mailed my letter of introduction to Managing Director Hendrik Verhelst back in mid-June listing the dates I'd be in the area. How difficult would it have been to send an e-mail letting me know the dates they'd be closed?

Tucked behind residential housing on the main road through town it's easy to miss the place as it's set back from the road via a narrow driveway. Behind and connected to the two-story office is a very large factory complex. The rear of the property backs up to cornfields. The company's website ( says they've been in business since 1983 and sell their products in over 60 countries.