Someone once told me, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression"

Seven Best Receptions (in no particular order)
1). InBev nv/s
2). KBC Group
3). Lotus Bakeries NV
4). Umicore s.a.
5). SES Global S.A.
6). SA Delhaize Group NV
7). CMB n.v.


Seven Worst Receptions (in no particular order)
2). VPK Packaging Group NV
3). Belcolade nv
4). Groupe Bruxelles Lambert S.A.
5). Group Colruyt
6). RTL Group S.A.
7). Pralibel

Best Looking Headquarters
1). UCB
2). Arbel SA (now called Arcelor S.A.)
3). InBev
4). Bekaert NV
5). KBC Group
6). Picanol Group

Nicest Grounds
1). UCB
2). SES Global S.A.

The Drama Queen Award
SWIFT (financial software cooperative)--During my many years of travels I've visited more than 3,800 companies around the world. SWIFT is the only one to ever contact me beforehand and tell me I'm not welcome due to "security considerations".

The Flow Chart Award
Groupe Bruxelles Lambert S.A. (GBL)--This Brussels-based holding company has stakes in a variety of companies worth billions. It's controlled by a Swiss-based holding company, which is in turn controlled by a Dutch-based holding company which is in turn controlled by two holding companies, one of which is a Canadian-based holding company and the other a Brussels-based holding company.

Best Receptionists
1). Lotus Bakeries NV
2). Spector Photo Group
3). Tessenderlo Group
4). KBC Group
5). Guylian Chocolaterie

Worst Receptionists
1). S.A. Confiserie Leonidas
2). Dexia Group

Locked Door Award--the following companies let me cycle to their offices only to find the front doors locked because they're closed for vacation. Why couldn't someone have sent an e-mail letting me know they would be closed?
1). Pralibel
2). Van Lys Chocolaterie
3). Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper
4). Chocolaterie Duc d'O