Recticel SA

Aw jeez, I was thinking I might find Recticel headquartered in a building with a foam exterior. Why? Polyurethane foam is the main business of this company with revenues of 1.2 billion euros and 11,000 employees. You know that mattress you sleep on or car seat you plop down in? It might contain Recticel's foam.

Headquarters are two floors in a five-story office building built in 1987. The backside of the building butts up to a passing freeway.

Super nice Ingrid Van Paemel, assistant to Managing Director Luc Vansteenkisye, answers my questions. It's a small head office staff with only 14 here. Employee parking is free with covered parking for cyclists, smoking in offices is optional, there's no formal dress code and no corporate art collection. You're on your own as far as lunch but employees do have use of a break room with kitchen. Why has Recticel been here since 1996? It's a central location being about halfway between downtown Brussels and the airport with the freeway entrance only 500 meters away. It's a mixed-use area with housing directly across the street. Any usual employee perks? Discounts on mattresses. Managing Director Vansteenkisye occupies a second floor corner office and no I don't find any foam furniture. The view out his window? The parked cars on the street.

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