Lugano (population 50,000) isn't a ski resort so what the heck is it doing being listed here? In 2006 I arrived in Lugano late in the evening. The next day was spent visiting four companies (Chocolat Alprose, Bally Management, Chocolat Stella, Banca del Gottardo). The following morning I left Lugano. End result? I never had the opportunity to check out and cycle around this well known sun-kissed area. I love cycling up and around steep hillsides and that's one of the attractions of Lugano because much of the city is built on steep inclines that rise up from picturesque Lake Lugano. Known as a retirement and playground area for wealthy Swiss and Italians, I'm surprised by the lack of high-end clothes retailers in Lugano--especially when you consider the Italian borders lies only a few miles away. Numerous tour buses filled with tourists spotted around town which means Lugano is a fixture on the tour bus routes. Judging from the many cars and recreational vehicles sporting license plates from the Netherlands, the Lugano area is a favorite summer destination for the Dutch. Where to stay in Lugano? Lots of choices to choose from but two I recommend are the Hotel Parco Paradiso and Grand Hotel Eden.