Veysonnaz, Switzerland

The Financial Times newspaper recently ran an article mentioning Veysonnaz being an up and coming ski resort with affordable prices for those looking to build or buy. Well, that's because the place is dull with no atmosphere. Two small hotels, one mom and pop supermarket, one bank, a bakery and that's about it. Nice views of the valley floor below and of Nendaz, the much bigger ski resort hugging a nearby mountainside. Biking and hiking limited.

Is this place hopping or is it dead in the summer?

Is there a lake and/or golf course in town?

Arriving by car the only option?
There's bus service from the valley floor city of Sion.

Does the place feel claustrophobic?

Lots of choices for acccomodations (hotels/ chalets) and do I have recommendations?
A ***star and **star hotel are the only options.

Could I spend a whole summer here or would I get bored?
One day would be the max.