Introduction to Ski Resorts

Ever hear of a ski resort in the winter being called ugly? With the mountains drenched in snow and the resort blanketed in the white stuff how can such places not look picturesque and scenic? But, come summer when the snow cover disappears and the winter crowds are long gone-what are these places like?

So, how am I grading or judging these places? Here's the scenario being used: If I had the choice of spending the whole summer in any ski resort (June 15-September 15) which one would it be? In each resort you'll find a blurb about the place followed by a checklist of boxes. What's important to me may not be important to you. As an example: Some resorts visited are situated in very narrow valleys with mountains rising abruptly on the sides---giving me the sense of being too hemmed-in (claustrophobic). I also need to be in a place where there're options for outdoor activities. That being said, there're plenty of people whose idea of an idyllic summer in a ski resort would consist of curling up with some good books on a sun drenched balcony with panoramic vistas in the background.

You'll find a standard listing of questions in each resort profile such as: Does the ski resort have a lake and golf course? In winter they're for ice skating but, in the summer lakes are for cycling, walking, socializing, roller blading and even sailing. How accessible is the resort? Driving a car up and down narrow, winding, switchback roads isn't my idea of fun. Many of the Swiss resorts can be reached via train. I'll be listing my favorite, least favorite, most under-rated and, most over-rated resorts.