Kandersteg, Switzerland

Kandersteg (population 1,100) doesn't have a compact village center but instead is spread out over several few streets. The mountain scenery is fantastic and I like the wood chalet-style with the homes, hotels and businesses.

Is this place hopping or is it dead in the summer?
A nice combination of not too many tourists and locals.

Is there a lake and/or golf course in town?

Arriving by car the only option?
Train service zips you up the mountain, stops in town, and then continues on. Regular bus service from valley floor is also an option.

Does the place feel claustrophobic?
Could be a problem in this narrow valley.

Lots of choices for acccomodations (hotels/ chalets) and do I have recommendations?
Several **** star and *** star hotels. All hotels and chalets are done in wood chalet motif.

Could I spend a whole summer here or would I get bored?
One week would be my limit.