Zinal, Switzerland

With one ski lift and a population of only 500 inhabitants Zinal isn't a big ski resort and is much better known for its hiking. From here, via overnight stops in mountain huts, hikers can make their way up to the Weisshorn, the fourth tallest peak in Europe. The nearby more famous Matterhorn mountain is 120 feet shorter than Weisshorn. The Zinal valley is very narrow with the mountains abruptly rising on its sides. The commercial activity on main street consists of two small supermarkets, a boulangerie and sporting goods store. Zinal has a cozy old town area with rustic timbered chalets. Several blocks away there's a large complex of apartments which look like they were built in the 1970's.

Is this place hopping or is it dead in the summer?
Not much going on.

Is there a lake and/or golf course in town?

Arriving by car the only option?
You can take a bus from the valley floor town of Sierre.

Does the place feel claustrophobic?

Lots of choices for acccomodations (hotels/ chalets) and do I have recommendations?
Very few hotel choices.

Could I spend a whole summer here or would I get bored?
Two days would be my limit.