Serre Chevalier, France

A major ski resort in French Alps, Serre Chevalier isn't a name of a town but an area comprised of three communes (Saint Chaffrey, La Salle des Alpes, Le Monetier Les Bains) with the main villages being Saint Chaffrey, Chantemerle, Villeneuve and Monetier les Bains. One road runs through the narrow valley with the four main villages spaced out every few miles. My favorite village would be Chantemerle, for no other reason than having the best patisserie shops.

Is this place hopping or is it dead in the summer?
Pretty quiet.

Is there a lake and/or golf course in town?

Arriving by car the only option?
Bus service goes through the valley.

Does the place feel claustrophobic?
The valley is narrow with mountains rising abruptly. Not good for someone like me.

Lots of choices for acccomodations (hotels/ chalets) and do I have recommendations?
Not that many hotels but plenty of holiday apartments to choose from.

Could I spend a whole summer here or would I get bored?
One week would be enough.