15 Best Receptions in England (in no particular order)

1. BPB Industries PLC (Slough)
2. British Petroleum (London)
3. Burmah Castrol (Swindon)
4. Tarmac (Wolverhampton)
5. Asda Group (Leeds)
6. Lloyd's of London (London)
7. Rank Organization PLC (London)
8. The RTZ Corporation PLC (name change to Rio Tinto) (London)
9. B.A.T. Industries (London)
10. Grand Metropolitan (London) have since moved
11. Vodafone Group PLC (Newbury)
12. Cadbury Schweppes (London)
13. J. Sainsbury (London)
14. Severn Trent plc (Birmingham)
15. Tomkins Plc(London)

10 Worst Receptions in England (in no particular order)

1. The Burton Group PLC (London)
2. BTR PLC (London)
3. Lex Service PLC (London)
4. TPLC (Manchester)
5. Bass (PLC) (London)
6. NFC PLC (London)
7. Alliance & Leicester Building Society (London)
8. HSBC (London)
9. BAA PLC (London)
10. Reed International PLC

Tackiest Receptions in England

1. Pearson PLC (London)
2. Courtaulds Textiles PLC (London)
3. Rothschild Continuation Ltd. (London)
4. Hanson PLC (London)

Best Looking Head Offices in England

1. Whitbread PLC (London)
2. Smith & Nephew plc (London)
3. Grand Metropolitan (London) (have moved since visit)
4. RMC Group (Surrey)
5. BPB Industries PLC (Slough)
6. Lloyds of London (London)
7. Tarmac PLC (Wolverhampton)

Most Disappointing Reception in England

1. Virgin Management Ltd. (London)--Jeez, I thought a regular guy like me would be welcomed at "regular guy" Richard Branson's outfit.

England's Runaround Award

1. Polygram NV (London)--10 separate visits over a six-week period and I still fail to meet with someone.