Best Receptions in the USA by a Publicly Held Company

1. Mead (Dayton, OH)--enthusiastic welcome
2. Federal Mogul (Southfield, MI) CEO was great host
3. Weyerhaeuser (Tacoma, WA) super people
4. Callaway Golf (San Diego, CA) founder was my tour guide

Best Receptions in the USA by a Privately Held Company

1. Dyncorp (Fairfax, VA)--a poem was commissioned commemorating my visit
2. Spartan Stores (Grand Rapids, MI)--contact person came in on a Saturday to meet me
3. Cox Enterprises (Atlanta, GA) Nice people from security guard on up
4. Century Life of America (Waverly, IA) had large banner announcing my arrival

Best-looking Headquarters Complex in USA

1. USAA (San Antonio, TX)
2. Merck & Co. (Whitehouse Station, NJ)
3. Becton Dickinson (Franklin Lakes, NJ)
4. Nike (Beaverton, OR)
5. Deere & Co (Moline, IL)
6. Ocean Spray Cranberry (Lakeville, MA)
7. Weyerhaeuser (Tacoma, WA)
8. Kellogg (Battle Creek, MI)
9. Readers Digest (Pleasantville, NY)

Nicest Company Grounds in the USA
A company can have a beautiful headquarters building and have blah-looking grounds or in many cases--no grounds at all if located in city centers. Then again, companies can have beautiful grounds and ugly headquarters.

1. Readers Digest (Pleasantville, NY) lots of flowers
2. PepsiCo (Purchase, NY) sculpture garden
3. USAA (San Antonio, TX)
4. Merck & Co. (Whitehouse Station, NJ)
5. Cargill (Minnetonka, MN)
6. TRW (Cleveland, OH) used to be an estate
7. Weyerhaeuser (Tacoma, WA)
8. Avery Dennison International (Pasadena, CA)

Tackiest Reception in the USA

1. Berkshire Hathaway (Omaha, NE) not once, but twice!
2. Beneficial (Wilmington, DE)