my Fuji DL-270 camera and Fuji Film used in photo

   What would it be like to bicycle up to the front doorsteps of the world's biggest corporations, walk in, and ask for a tour of the place--- including seeing such particulars as the CEO's office, boardroom and company art collection?

   Well, that's what I've been doing over the past 22 years- having visited over 4,000 of the world's biggest corporations, foundations and organizations.

   Come along for the ride and follow the ongoing adventures and misadventures of my travels through the international business world gathering corporate trivia.This year (2012) I'll be cycling to ski resorts, spa towns, castles and medieval fortifications in France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. I will also be hot on the trail of Marquis de Vauban. To find out what all this has to do with the corporate world click on the "Current Trek Stories" heading or click here.

The past dozen years I've been focusing on European companies. For an international sampling of newspaper articles written about my quirky odyssey: Click here.



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