Meert Patisserie (Lille, France)

It's late afternoon and starting to drizzle as I come upon Meert in the Old Town area near Lille's city center. Everything looks good but I opt for a slice of chocolate tart. As it looks like heavy raining is going to be coming down any minute I elect to eat and walk. It's unbelievably good! I go back and order another slice along with a orange ball of cake about the size of a tennis ball. The second chocolate tart slice is just as good as the first and it turns out the center of the orange cake ball is filled with a delightful filling of chocolate fudge. I head back and order a third slice of chocolate tart. Fantastic! (click for photo)

I return the next morning before leaving Lille. Why? Before putting any goodies up on the "Tasty" section of my website they have to pass more than one tasting and they have to be done on separate days to make sure of consistency. The shop opens at 9AM and I arrive a few minutes after. I wanted to try another orange cake ball but they evidently didn't make any today so I opt for two more slices of the chocolate tart. Oh man, these are the best I've ever had! (click for photo) (click for photo)

Meert has been on this same site since 1761. In the picture accompanying the story the patisserie is in the left side of the building and the café is on the right side. In the summer homemade ice cream is sold from the push cart.