7 Layer Cookie bars from Elizabethan Desserts

Come birthdays or holidays I've always been pretty difficult to buy a gift for but my mom and I worked out an arrangement. Mom would whip-up a batch of 7 layer cookie bars, pack them in a tin container and mail 'em to me. Seven layer cookie bars also go by the names "magic bars" and "hello dolly bars". Pretty simple ingredients: butter, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconuts, pecans and a can of condensed milk. Head 25 miles up the coast from San Diego and you'll be in Encinitas, an easy-going beach town of 50,000 inhabitants. The biggest single industry in Encinitas is the growing of ornamental flowers, more specifically that popular Christmas-time beauty--the pointsettia. So, tucked amidst the grounds of Sunshine Garden Nursery is where one finds Elizabethan Desserts. The 7 layer cookie bars are unbelievably good---the BEST I've ever had! The bars are rich, thick, with a somewhat gooey center and overflowing with delectable ingredients. The unusual location isn't the easiest place to find but, it's worth the effort. Website: www.elizabethandesserts.com.